Organ Study Grant

The Executive Board of the Middlesex Chapter American Guild of Organists is pleased to be offering a monetary grant to a deserving young (age 18 or
under) piano student who has expressed an interest in learning to play the organ. The grant would be for $500 to cover the cost of 10 to 15 introductory organ lessons.

Chapter members and friends of the chapter are encouraged to consider sponsoring a student who might meet the above criteria (see sponsor responsibilities below). Interested students should complete the attached form and essay and send to:

MCAGO Organ Study Grant attn: Joseph Suchocki
2 Lake Farrington Drive North Brunswick, NJ 08902

Applications will be reviewed by the OSG Committee. A list of recommended organ teachers will be provided to the winner. Grants are limited as one time per winner.

Sponsor Responsibilities:

– Must be a member or friend of the Middlesex Chapter*.
– Send a letter of recommendation for student to Joseph Suchocki.

– Arrange adequate practice time for the student on an organ that meets AGO specifications. This includes all coordination efforts with organizations responsible for the organ such as church staff/clergy.

* The Middlesex Chapter offers prospective non-member sponsors a one year “friend of chapter” designation at no cost. Friends of the chapter receive chapter mailings and announcements. It does not include The American Organist magazine or other offerings provided to chapter members. Please send an email requesting “friend of chapter” membership to or mail a request to Joseph Suchocki.


Student Information

Organ Study Grant Application

Name: _____________________________________ Age: __________
Street : _________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: ________
Home phone number: ____________________ Email:_____________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Address Information if different than above
Street : _________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: ________
Home phone number: ____________________ Email:_____________________________________

Number of years you have studied piano: _________
Current piano teacher’s name: ______________________________________
Piano teacher’s phone number: _______________________________
Sponsor Information: Name: _____________________________________
Street : _________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: ________
Home phone number: ____________________ Email:_____________________________________ Church Contact Information (pertains to church where student will practice):

Church Name:_________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________City: __________________ State:_____ Zip:________ Contact Name:______________________________ Phone:____________________________
Organ Description:_____________________________________________________________

Essay: On a separate page, please tell us a little about yourself: your school year, activities, favorite music, composer, etc, other musical instruments you play and why you might be interested in studying organ. Unlike a school essay, there are no length requirements. A page or less is suggested.

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